The above is a question that web users may ask themselves when perusing a raft of reviews of the web hosting firm Fatcow. When every Fatcow review you read speaks very highly of the service, the question in the title of this article inevitably pops into one’s head.

The good news is that the uniformly favorable nature of reviews of Fatcow is nothing to be suspicious of. This is not some kind of scam where the company pays individuals to post fake reviews in a bid to drive up the reputation and Google ranking of the firm. Such techniques are not unknown, but those fake reviews tend to be easy as pie to spot. This is not the case with any review of Fatcow, because a careful reading of each and every review will show that it was posted by a genuine customer of the company who was delighted with the web hosting service they received from Fatcow.

The web hosting business is very competitive and there are lots of low cost providers that cut their services to the bone. That kind of service might be okay for a website that gets little or no traffic, but professional website bosses or even hobbyists with reasonably busy personal sites will always appreciate the importance of maximum uptime with no outages.

Furthermore, bandwidth allowances should be generous for the price. It is no good saving a dollar or two on the monthly hosting fee only to get hammered with extra charges when you exceed your allotted bandwidth for the month.

Fatcow treats its customers fair and square at every stage, so they don’t get hammered with unreasonable, unexpected fees. Into the bargain, when they have an issue it gets attended to pronto by the online support team. This makes a refreshing change as compared to some operators that barely operate a customer support service worthy of the name.

On every score, Fatcow comes out on tops, which is why the reviews don’t lie.